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I am a professor at University of Memphis and Dr. Ly is a good friend of mine. Back in January of 2009, I sufferred from a stroke. My right arm and leg became paralyzed, my speech became slurred, and I had a facial droop. On the third day after my stroke, Dr. Ly treated me with acupuncture and subsequently I received weekly treatments along with Chinese herbal medicine. I also participated in physical therapy and speech therapy. Now, I am 100% better and am back to living the life I had before my stroke. Dr. Ly helped me get my life back and words cannot express my gratitude towards him. I highly recommend any patients with stroke to see Dr. Ly.
I have been paralyzed from the waist down for 26 years from a car wreck in which I broke my back. I have had multiple surgeries on my back and as a result have a lot of pain and scar tissue. I would frequently wake up in the middle of the night from muscle spasms. When I received my very first treatment from Dr Ly I slept all the way through the night which is something I haven't done in a number of years. He has reduced my pain level greatly and has improved my overall quality of life.
I initially came to see Dr. Ly for Crohn's disease. I was on several medications including steriods, but I was still having runs to the bathroom dozens of time a day to the point that I was not able to leave home for months. After I saw Dr. Ly, I have been able to come completely off of my medications. In addition I have lost 110 pounds from the acupuncture weight loss treatments. I am now a proud mom, which is something I always dreamed of being but couldn't because of my Crohn's. I currently continue to see Dr. Ly for maintenance acupuncture and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Ly for giving my life back to me!
How can I ever thank you sufficiently for all the tremendous help and healing you provided me over the past dozen years. When I first saw you, I was just informed of my poor prognosis with extensive ovarian and colon disease. After five months of acupuncture and herbal medicine, I was astonished to learn from my cancer doctor that subsequent tests were negative for any disease! I have had the same excellent help every time I have consulted you. In my opinion, you are the best doctor a patient can ask for.
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have tried pain management, several pain medications, and physical therapy to decrease the pain. On my first visit to Dr. Ly I could tell a huge difference. After three treatments most of the pain was gone. I am also on the weight loss program and have lost 28 lbs in the 6 weeks I've been seeing him.
I've suffered from migraine headaches for 30 years and have tried all sorts of medications that have been only partially effective. However, with acupuncture I have had very effective (sometimes within minutes) relief from migraine pain. I don't fully understand how it works, but for relief of pain I highly recommend it.
I have trigeminal neuralgia which makes my jaw, lips, tongue and basically my whole face have extreme pain. I have seen dentist, oral surgeons and neurologist. They have prescribed me all types of medications without relief. Since I have been seeing Dr. Ly, my pain is almost gone. I feel completely better as a person. I have more energy and I'm not depressed from the constant pain.
I first started seeing Dr. Ly for severe lupus. I was told by my medical doctor that there was no cure. I was in bad shape and thought that I may not have long to live given the severity of my condition. This was twenty years ago. I am now healthy and haven't had symptoms for years. I still continue to see Dr. Ly for health maintenance.
I was diagnosed with arthritis and was uncomfortable with the idea of starting steroids and pain medication. I came to see Dr. Ly and after just the first treatment, I felt 50% better. Several treatments later, I now have minimal discomfort.

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